Economic Data

Here you will find the latest data and statistics about Germany's and Taiwan's economy.

Area in km² 36,197357,176
Population in mil. (2019) 23.60 82,43
Population density (residents/km²) 652 236
Population growth (yoy, 2nd quarter 2017) 0.20%0.22%
General Indicators
GDP in bil. USD (2019)582.232,634
GDP per capita in USD (2019)24.67739,475
Economic growth rate (yoy, 2019)2.90%3.1%
Economic growth rate 2020 (projected) 2.58%1.5%
Average wage in USD/month (2017)1,380.67 4,410.28
Gross fixed investment in % of GDP (Jun. 2017)20.318.6
CPI inflation rate (Oct. 2019)0.39%1.1%
Labor force
Working population in mil. (Sep. 2019)11.50745.294
Unemployment rate (Sep. 2019)3.80%3.0%
Foreign trade
Export in bn. USD (2019)289.91,458.27
Import in bn. USD (2019)250.41205.10
External debt in bn. USD (Jun. 2017)170.15,141.4
Foreign exchange reserve in bn. USD (Oct. 2019)472.5 38.3
Major Trade PartnersTaiwanGermany
Supplier countries        P.R. China, Japan, USA, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, AustraliaNetherlands, P.R. China, France, USA, Italy, UK, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia
Customer countriesP.R. China, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, GermanyFrance, USA, UK, Netherlands, P.R. China, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland
Main export goodsMachineries and Electrical Equipment, Basic Metals an Articles thereof, Rubber, Plastics and Products thereof, Chemicals, Iron and Steel, Mineral Products, Refined Petroleum Products, Textile Products, Metal Products (Excl. Iron and Steel)Automobile, Machineries, Chemicals, Data Processing Equipment, Electronics, Metals and Articles thereof, Pharmaceuticals, Other Vehicles, Food & Fodder, Plastics and Articles thereof

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