The German Trade Office Taipei and Rheinsinn Enterprise are jointly organising the GTO German Business Day at the 2018 Hofbräu Oktoberfest Taipei on October 12th 2018.

Join us for the biggest event in the German-Taiwanese Calendar- A fantastic night of German Food, Beer, and Music at the authentic Hofbräu outdoor high ceiling tent at the Taipei Expo Hall Square.

This year's GTO German Business Day will feature the following exciting attractions:


Exclusive Location: Hofbräu High Ceiling Tent (Original Oktoberfestzelt)

Original HB Live Band & HB German Waitresses

All-You-Can-Drink: 3 types of fresh HB draft Beer

  • HB Weissbeer
  • HB Dunkelbeer
  • HB Oktoberfestbeer

Authentic German Food (Set-Menu)*

  • Assorted cold cuts platter: German breads, salamis, suasages, savory cheese spread and more
  • German Pretzel
  • Bavarian white sausage with mild mustard & Bavarian meat loaf (Gebratener Leberkäse)
  • German pork knuckle with Sauerkraut
  • Bavarian style roasted chicken
  • Bavarian Creme with Berries

*Vegetarian Menu is available on request. Menu might change without further notice

Sponsorship Opportunities for Corporate Clients

Sponsors enjoy attractive and wide visibility throughout the event venue, event materials as well as media coverage through display of their company logo. We offer 3 different sponsorship opportunites:

  • GTO German Business Day: Gold Sponsorship
  • GTO German Business Day: Platinum Sponsorship
  • Complete HB Oktoberfest Sponsorship

For more information, please have a look at our sponsorship package:


Tickets, Booking & Reservation for the GTO German Business Day

  • Price per table (8 people): 22.000 NT$ (including all-you-can-drink HB beer and authentic German set-menu)
  • Individual tickets: 2.750 NT$ per Person (including all-you-can-drink HB beer and authentic German set-menu)

For booking and reservation, please contact Ms Linda Blechert at Blechert.Linda(at) or Tel: +886 2 8758 5804.

Please note that  the GTO German Business Day on October 12th is already sold out. Tickets for another day are still available.


Oktoberfest History

On the 12th of October, 1810 crown prince Ludwig of Bavaria and princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen were married. In celebration of this event, numerous celebrations, from large to small, were organized throughout Munich. As folk-memory has it, a simple petty officer by the name of Franz Baumgartner came up with the idea of a horse race, paired with the display of a range of foods and drink for the common folk to top of the celebration. Whether this is the factual origin of the Oktoberfest is really less important than what this fair stands for. Each year it attracts between 5 and 6 million visitors from all around the globe, coming together for carefree celebration and indulgence in the many delights on offer.

Tying the bow of the Dirndl

Allegedly the position of the bow on a women’s Dirndl indicates her relationship status. A bow on the left is supposed to indicate a single woman, on the right, a woman that is in a committed relationship. If she is wearing the bow on the back, she is either a widow or a waitress wearing an apron. As with most traditions, they are seldom reliable and a polite inquiry is probably much more successful than a brash attempt at seduction.

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