Oct 25

EQ in Communication

From world health organization report, depression affects 350 million people. By 2020, stress related mental health issues could play a crucial factor as hidden costs for organizational effectiveness. Professor Karl-Heniz Ladwig from the Technical University of Munich also pointed out that 'There is little doubt that depression is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.' Facing global competitiveness and the increasing trends of working in a multicultural environment, understanding one's emotions through communication could help improve motivation, job satisfaction and work performance, as well as enhance quality of life. This program is to focus on how to communicate and acknowledge our emotions, in order to better understand our interactions with others and to improve our work effectiveness and social life.


  • Understand issues involved in communication
  • Learning differences in communication styles and how to adjust accordingly
  • Knowing how to communicate effectively and how to reach consensus
  • Me and others- acknowledge my own feelings and others' way of beings
  • Enhancing managerial and interpersonal skills & Stress, Time Management
  • Action Plan and Managing Change


Dr. Jasmine Fast-Lin, Ph.D., MSc., MBA

Dr. Jasmine Fast-Lin, Ph.D., MSc., MBA Dr. Fast-Lin, speaks English, German, Mandarin and Taiwanese, has been delivering training/coaching programs and consultancy projects in Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, cities of China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. She has her expertise in training delivery, analyzing training needs, working with vendors/suppliers, designing/selecting training courses for multinational corporations, intercultural group facilitation and training/coaching for top and senior/middle managers or executives, coordinating with global HRs and key stakeholders to tailor projects/trainings on management/leadership development, diversity, and talent/career management. She also dedicates on developing children and adult EQ programs. Clients and participants of Dr. Fast-Lin are from more than 25 nationalities and many from Fortune 500 multinationals at all levels. Courses Delivered by Dr. Jasmine Fast-Lin: Communication and Negotiation, Management Essentials, Intercultural Training, Intercultural Conflict Management, Virtual Teams, International Presentation Skills, Management Transition and Managing Performance, EQ in Communication- children to adults, International Project Management, Global Leadership and Talent Development, One-on-one Coaching, Other Tailored in-house programs.

Target Group:

Managers or general participants who are interested in EQ development and communication, proficiency in English communication



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