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GDPR and PDPA-compliance: What you need to know

The German Trade Office Taipei would like to invite you to join our workshop on GDPR and PDPA-compliance together with our partner KPMG


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25/10/2019 | 13:30

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25/10/2019 | 17:00

TWD 500 (including VAT, course materials, coffee and tea)

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GDPR and PDPA-compliance: What you need to know

More than one year has passed since the EU General Data Protection Regulation has been enacted. However, according to a survey conducted by the European Business Awards, a lot of businesses, including around 30% of European businesses are not yet compliant.

In July 2019, a British company has been fined a record sum of 230 million USD for non-compliance with the regulation. Understanding the implications of the regulation and implementing the organizational and technical planning necessary for compliance is vital also to Taiwanese companies doing business in Europe.

Lesser known yet highly relevant for business in Taiwan is the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The PDPA applies to all companies, individuals and public organizations doing business in Taiwan.

The German Trade Office is proud to work with our partner KPMG to provide a workshop to discuss implications of the GDPR and the PDPA as well as the necessary steps businesses can take to ensure compliance with the regulations.

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Lawrence Ong | KPMG Law Firm, Executive Consultant


Lawrence’s practice at KPMG Law covers a wide range of cross-border legal and tax consultation activities, including cross-border regulatory compliance, merger and acquisitions, securities, international arbitration and litigation, and U.S. taxation.

As partner of KPMG Law Firm, Lawrence leads the KPMG Taiwan consultation team on cross-border compliance and worldwide privacy law compliance, including the General Data Protection Regulation. He is a frequent speaker on cross-border transactional legal and tax issues and on privacy law issues.

Lawrence is certified as CIPP/E by the IAPP.


Kelvin Chung | KPMG Law Firm, Partner


Kelvin is licensed as an attorney in Taiwan and is certified as CIPP/E by the IAPP, and he is also advising on corporate personal data protection system establishment (EU GDPR and Taiwan PIPA) and compliance. Currently. Kelvin is also the co-leader of KPMG’s crypto assets and token economy group, providing STO and ICO legal and compliance consulting service.

Kelvin has extensive experience on the establishment of labor safety and trade secret protection system, he also provides advice to companies on labor, employment and trade secret dispute.


Freddy Lee | KPMG Law Firm, Manager
IT Advisory in Management & Risk Consulting


Freddy has over a decade of work experience in IT field and has a strong background across the full life cycle of IT project delivery, such as selling, consulting and system implementing. Freddy endeavors providing comprehensive IT consulting services, including Cyber security, Privacy, IT service, IT compliance, to assist clients improving their IT efficiency and reducing risks. His current and past representative clients include a number of leading entities in high tech, e-commerce, banking, and government institutes in Taiwan.

Freddy currently possess several internationally recognized IT certifications, such as CISA, CISM as well as CEH.

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