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German-Taiwanese Green Building Conference

General Introduction

As part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative, the German Trade Office Taipei organised a delegation visit of 4 German companies active in the field of energy efficient materials for buildings to Taiwan from November 19th to 23rd  2018. The delegation visit provided German solution providers for energy efficient buildings and Taiwanese companies of all branches and sizes with a platform to make first initial contact with one another and lay out possible future paths for cooperation.

German-Taiwanese Green Building Conference

The German Trade Office Taipei hosted the German-Taiwanese Green Building Conference at the Sherwood Hotel in Taipei. During the conference, four renowned German companies exclusively showcased their solutions and products for energy efficent buildings.

  • Event Program: For the detailed agenda, please click here or see the agenda below

Participating German Companies (in alphabetical order):

Binder Parametric Metal GmbH

Introduction: Binder Parametric Metal GmbH has specialised in the implementation of individual 3D facades and interior decorations made from three-dimensionally moulded sheet metal. As long ago as 1952, the metal goods factory Reichertshofen Karl Binder GmbH focussed on the individual features of a product with the development of the Binder sidecar for DKW motorbikes. Binder Parametric Metal GmbH also evolved from the different ventures of the Binder family, which operate in the automotive, aviation and power plant technology sectors.

Kaimann GmbH

Products: elastomeric insulation products

Introduction: Kaimann GmbH is an internationally established provider of technology and innovations in the field of elastomeric insulation products. The company offers a broad range of synergy-fostering solutions for customers’ individual applications and is represented in more than 50 countries thanks to its comprehensive distribution network. Kaiflex insulation materials provide a high level of thermal efficiency as well as safe and effective fire, noise and corrosion protection. They are used in domestic applications, industrial manufacturing, the foodstuffs industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, heavy industry and the oil and gas sector.

Knauf Insulation GmbH

Products: insulation products, glass mineral wool with the patented ECOSE Technology, rock mineral wool, and wood wool

Introduction: Knauf Insulation is a global leader in insulation products and with more than 40 years of experience in the insulation industry, we represent one of the fastest growing and most respected names in insulation worldwide. Knauf Insulation will be opening the largest and most efficient manufacturing plant in the SEA region in 2020 providing a major competitive edge for the company as well as significant opportunities for businesses in Taiwan.

Moll bauökologische Produkte GmbH

Products: "Intelligent" sealing membranes for inside and outside, adhesives, adhesive tapes and specialist accessories

Introduction: MOLL bauökologische Produkte GmbH with its trade mark pro clima is the pioneer in the intelligent sealing of the building envelope. pro clima develops and provides complete professional systems for maximum protection from mould and structural damage:

  • Humidity variable vapour retarding and air tightness membranes for internal sealing
  • Sub roof and façade membranes with active moisture management for the permanent external sealing of roof and walls.
  • Special adhesives and waterproof adhesive tapes (100 years adhesion- tested an confirmed independently)
  • Grommets as solutions for details and penetrations
  • Products for effective systems, tested for harmful substances, to enable constructing in accordance with highest demands for a healthier indoor environment


Presentation of Dr.-Ing. Olaf Böttcher: Climate Protection in the Building Sector

Presentation of Ms. Helena Teschner: Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Energy Storage - Technologies and Best Practice in Germany

Presentation of Mr. Christian Geiger: Binder Parametric Metal - – decorative metal surfaces and 3D facade elements for architecture

Presentation of Mr. Deng Li: Knauf Insulation‘s ECOSE Commitment to our customer

Publikation: Energieeffizienz in Gebäuden in Taiwan - Marktüberblick

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