Sep 20

How to Use Storytelling in Business to Gain Influence: 4 Steps to Telling a Story that Influences

Communication is key to any successful pitch or future buy-in, however getting the attention of potential buyers can be challenging. The speaker of this TrainingProgramme will give insights into the science of telling stories, convincing others and getting ahead in a competitive environment.


How can influencers communicate the value of their ideas, initiatives, services and products when others do not see that value? How can influencers communicate to get buy-in? Simply by sharing stories. In this 3-hour interactive workshop, Robert will share with you how and why storytelling has the power to address such challenges and how you can use stories to get buy-in.




    1. What?
      • What is a story?
      • How you would benefit from storytelling?
      • How and why storytelling influences
    2. How?
      • The 4 C’s to Storytelling
      • Writing the story: Putting the 4 C’s to work
      • Sharing your story

Trainer: Robert Iyer, Founder and Creator of Robert Iyer Consulting

Robert is a certified World Class Speaking Coach. He is also a certified Science of People Body Language Instructor. To date, he has facilitated courses and coached people from the public sector to C Suite level executives. Robert has presented his courses in countries ranging from the Middle East to South East Asia and in Taiwan, where he resides.

Robert hails from New York and has taught High School English Literature and Drama in the international school circuit in 10 different countries in four different continents for twenty years. During the past eight years he has entered the coaching industry and coached and consulted individuals and groups both in the public and the private sectors. Robert’s clients include, but are not limited to, Pfizer, Siemens, Save the Children, LaFarge Holcin, Mango Group and many others.

Target Group:

Managers, Business leaders or general participants who are interested in acquiring enhanced speaking skills. Ability to tell influencing, powerful stories for desired results or potential buy-ins for service, products, or ideas.





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