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Smart Connection to Taoyuan, Taiwan Business Seminar




Taiwan is located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region is a stepping stone to the broader Asian and South Asian market. The city, Taoyuan situated in northern Taiwan is equipped with surround infrastructure and has attracted international business opportunities in machinery, medical, logistics, and automotive industries. Taoyuan City now is looking forward to embracing the development of innovative technologies and applications. To strengthen the businesses between Taiwan and Asia-countries, Taoyuan city sincerely welcome you and your guests to attend the event.

Organizer: Taoyuan City Government
DEinternational Taiwan Ltd.

General Information:

Date: September 3, 2019

Time: 9.00-13.30 pm

Location: 3F, Peeny Room, Fullon Hotel Taoyuan
No. 200, Section 1, Daxing West Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, 330 

Event Flyer

Participating Asia Companies:


Introduction: CancerRop has developed and commercialized molecular diagnostic techniques to diagnose genetic diseases occurring at all stages of human life. We have exclusively produced microarray based on the genes obtained from the Korean Genome Project. We also provide genetic testing services using NGS (Next-generation sequencing) in various application including NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal Testing). CancerRop also produce molecular reagents and molecular diagnostics kits, and supply molecular reagents commonly used in experimental laboratories for medical and biological research. They also produce molecular diagnostic kits targeting for various infectious diseases and recently launched Wilson disease detection kit.

  • Target Group for B2B Meetings:
  1. Local partner for Genetic testing service based on BAC DNA-chip Microarray and NGS platform
  2. OEM and ODM companies  for Molecular reagents including enzymes, prep kits and others


  • Product brochure: coming soon

Introduction: Chancellor International is a professional consultation and corporate solutions platform. The company is and specializing in IT system and hardware consolidation, broadcasting solutions and implementation in worldwide marketing strategy in South Korea and Taiwan.

  • Target Group for B2B Meetings:
  1. Cosmetics business
  2. Food & Beverage Business
  3. LED / large screen manufacturer
  4. IT company


Introduction: Realizing our vision to enhance interoperability, connectivity and standardization of disparate healthcare data, EvidNet is revolutionizing the way medical researchers generate evidence translatable to clinical practice through the establishment of a fully interoperable, seamless, real-time integrated healthcare data network, ultimately benefiting health professionals and patients.

  • Target Group for B2B Meetings:

EvidNet is looking for local agents or partners interested in their business, especially if they are:

  1. Investment company
  2. Hospital
  3. Pharmaceutical company


Introduction: FEROKA makes 3D printers with high-tech technologies. With them, we are also expanding business area (i.g., cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc.) which is applicable to be made with 3D printing technology.

  • Target Group for B2B Meetings:
  1. Startups in the field of precision 3D printing, or precision manufacturing
  2. Startups as trade partners which make brilliant products based on a novel idea

Inibio Co., Ltd.

  • Product brochure: coming soon

Introduction: Inibio Co., Ltd. organizes the best experts in Korea to develop biopharmaceuticals (Botulinum Toxin Injection and etc). The strains are imported by proper sources verified by the highest authority in the industry to accept R&D and manufacture. We expect to file for clinical trials in Korea and China within this year, through the successful completion of nonclinical trials.

  • Target Group for B2B Meetings:
  1. Sizable investment company (foreign companies are also welcome)
  2. Hospital enterprise
  3. Agents of aesthetic medicine products

LabGenomics Co., Ltd.

Introduction: LabGenomics is a healthcare company specialized in MDx technology, which develops new application by focusing on molecular and genetic research. Without trial and error, LabGenomics can provide genetic testing services that are satisfactory to both patients and hospitals at a reasonable price compared to other services.

  • Target Group for B2B Meetings:
  1. Molecular diagnosis and NGS technology company
  2. Genome analysis company as NIPT, WES etc

Techno Brave Asia Ltd.

Introduction: Techno Brave Asia Ltd. is an up-and-coming IT design & development Japanese company which has been vastly expanding in trending technologies such as: mobile & web apps, software, loT, AI, 3DCG, and more! They use Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to help enterprises looking to attract and engage consumers.

  • Target Group for B2B Meetings:
  1. Institutes/universities that wish to create innovative & practical VR content for education/academic (VR classroom, Leaning the second language in VR and other)
  2. Companies that wish to create innovative & practical VR content for education/Academic (VR training for assembly or business, VR plant/office tour, E-commerce in VR and other)


9:00-09:30Event Registration 
9:30-09:40Opening Remarks

Representative of the Taoyuan City Government
9:40-10:40Topic: Smart Trends & Strengths in Taoyuan, Taiwan Mr. Eason Kuo, Director-General, Taoyuan City Government
  Topic: Smart Healthcare Trends in TaiwanMr. Vincent Tsai, Superintendent, Ten-Chen Medical Group
  Topic: Investment Policy & Projects in Taiwan  William Tang, Director Invest Taiwan Service Center, MOEA
10:40-10:50Q & A
10:50-12:00Match Making Meetings* 
12:00-13:30Networking Luncheon 

*Match-Making meetings only available when guests are registered upfront!

If you are interested in having 1-to-1 match-making meetings with the Asia-based companies, please clarify your target company when registering for the event.

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