Taipei City's Department of Education and Siemens Ltd., Taiwan Sign MOU to Forge Cooperation in Vocational Education

Taipei City in 2013 took the lead in Taiwan by initiating a vocational training program that offered students learning opportunities overseas. That marked the beginning of cooperation with Siemens Ltd., Taiwan, and over the past six years the German company has arranged for learning opportunities at the Siemens Technik Akademie in Berlin, SITRAIN training center in Nuremberg, and automated factories operated by Siemens. This initiative has provided students with professional technology learning opportunities and the ability to learn about other cultures, while also helping to enhance the quality of vocational and technical education in Taiwan.

Taipei City and Siemens are committed to providing even more opportunities for technical and vocational students to learn about the latest international technology developments and to cultivate talent in related fields. To this end, Taipei and Siemens are entering into a cooperation project that will facilitate learning about German technical and vocational education in an academic setting, followed by practical applications in the corporate environment.

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