Concert Tour Peter Lehel

Renowned German saxophonist Peter Lehel is coming to Taiwan with his concert tour this October!


The Jazz Ensemble Baden-Württemberg led by renowned German saxophonist Peter Lehel is starting their Taiwan tour soon! The centerpiece is the oeuvre "When Future Smiles":

Six German musicians will be joined by renowned Taiwanese saxophonists such as Sam Su, Jimmy Lee, Shawna Jang and others to make these concerts a beautiful cultural exchange.

Tour schedule

07.10. Taipei - SMEXY Music Club 2:30pm

08.10. Tainan - Tainan Cultural Center 7:30pm

09.10. Taichung - Legacy Taichung 7:00pm

10.10. Tainan - Fudu Kian Tiok Museum 10am

12.10. Taipei - O-Bank Music Hall 7:30pm

16.10. Taipei - Blue Note 8:30pm

17.10. Taipei - Wenshui Music Hall 7:30pm

20.10. Taipei - Masterclass Tang Chuan Music School 7:30pm

21.10. Taichung - Taichung Jazz Festival 8:00pm

22.10. Taipei - Eslite Performance hall 7:30pm


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