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Doing business in a foreign country involves the necessity to adopt local laws and regulations within an unfamiliar environment that may be limited by language barriers and cultural differences. We can help: Our experts can provide you with professional advice and assistance in legal and investment affairs.



Work Permit Application Counseling


You want to send personnel to Taiwan for a period of time? Please bear in mind that you or your employees need a work permit. Due to our profund knowledge about Taiwanese administrative procedures DEinternational is your first choice regarding assistance with applying for a work permit.

DEinternational offers counseling throughout the whole work permit application process. We provide you with a checklist of the required documents, help you to fill in the forms in Chinese and submit the documents to the competent authority. We make sure you and your employees have a smooth arrival and a successful stay.



In the event that you alone no longer make progress in solving a problem with a customer or business partner, DEinternational offers a mediation service. We aim to help you and your business partner achieve an amicable agreement.

Our mediation will leave open the possibility to find a solution without harming your business relations in the long term. Thereby we aim for a mutual understanding agreeable for both parties, to save time and money and enable you to continue your business relations. We contact your business partner as a neutral mediator. Through constructive talks we support you to achieve a satisfying outcome for both sides. 

GwG-Identification for Bank Account

If you are requested by a bank in Germany to provide the appropriate identification and verification of legitimacy. According to the German Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschegesetz (GwG)), the applicant (every natural person or authorized representatives of legal entities) is required to go through verification of identity. In conformity with the German Tax Code (Abgabenordnung (AO), a verification of legitimacy is also required in this regard.

GWG service:

We provide you with the appropriate identification and verification related to open a bank account in Germany.

Reminder for this service:

Due to the specific requirements of each bank, it is necessary to arrange an appointment in advance.


Please contact our expert for further information.

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