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Interested in the German or Taiwanese Market? Our experienced and professional team can help you find the right business partners. We can assist you with the challenges you might come across when engaging in a foreign market and help make your market entry/expansion a success.

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NEW Remote Business Services

Don’t let travel restrictions get in the way of your business. Our Business Development Services got you covered.

Remote Business Development Service

Your Aim

Develop your business in Taiwan, even in times of travel restrictions. Taiwan has handled the Corona-Crisis with few interruptions to public life and economic activity, with Taiwan showing the highest economic growth rates among all Asian tiger states as of late. By entering the Taiwanese market, you can profit from a consumer-base with a large purchasing power and an industry that is investing in new manufacturing capability.

Our Offer

We want to help you develop your business on the Taiwan market, even when you can or do not want to travel internationally. We support you to identify potential business partners or customers through a matching process individually designed according to your requirements. We assist you to pre-select potential partners, distribute samples and set up video-call meetings, including interpretation.

Service Description:

We can access our wide-reaching network in the Taiwanese industry to reach potential partners that match your criteria. We contact suitable companies directly and introduce your companies and services. Contact establishment through our experienced Taiwanese colleagues as well as our good reputation function as a door-opener for you.

The most suitable candidates who are interested in your products or services are shortlisted and the results summarized in a digital report for your reference.

Finally, we will arrange a video-conference between you and the potential partners. Our experienced staff, fluent in English, German and Chinese will assist by translating as necessary.

You want to send samples to your potential partners or clients? Not a problem, we can take care of local sample redistribution!

Contact us today for a non-committal quote!

We are confident that the Remote Business Package will deliver you excellent value in terms of time and budget!

Remote Business Representation

Your Aim

Taiwan is an attractive market for German SMEs and a great hub to expand into other markets in East- and Southeast Asia. However, establishing an independent subsidiary might not be suitable for everyone due to regulatory challenges, time difference and an unfamiliar business culture. Your aim is to tap into this market while keeping expenses in check.

Our offer

We want to provide you comprehensive representation on the Taiwanese market at a reasonable cost. The business presence service is aimed at companies that want to explore opportunities on the Taiwanese market, have a local contact window for their clients, yet at the same time avoid the hassle of establishing an independent subsidiary. Our staff can provide Chinese, English and German correspondence and offers years of experience navigating the Taiwanese-German business landscape.

Service Description

Our Business Support Services – Office Services & Back Office include:

  • Answering of all incoming phone calls by trained staff of the AHK Taiwan inquiring for your company
  • Support with Taiwanese clients and business partners
  • Correspondence with Taiwanese clients and government agencies (via phone, e-mail, postal)
  • Travel organization of your and your employee’s business trips. Per your request we will accompany you to client meetings
  •  Legal and tax support
  •  Assistance on legal documents for hiring and dismissal of employees
  • Management of legal reporting requirements
  • Handling of store-checks and sample purchases, including shipping to parent company

Our Business Support Services – Marketing & Business Development include:

  • Costumer service executed by an AHK Taiwan staff member trained by you
  • Acquisition and initial contact establishment to potential customers and business partners in Taiwan
  • Market research and observation
  • Availability of AHK conference rooms
  • Trade fair preparation, service and follow-up
  • Company event organization, workshops and round-table discussions
  •  Adjustment or development of marketing and promotion material (ad placement, press releases, mailing) for the Taiwanese market

More Information can be found in our flyers:

Business Representation Flyer (English)

Business Representation Flyer (German)

Our Market Entry Service “Classics”

Kickstart your Market Entry in Taiwan with our time-tested Market Entry Services!

Quick Market Check


Your Aim

Your company is interested in entering the Taiwanese / German market with their products or services. However, it is unclear how big the potential market really is and / or how the regulatory environment looks like.

Our offer

DEinternational Taiwan gives you a short impression of the potentials of your products and services on the Taiwanese or German market. This impression is based on an individual sectoral survey according to your company's and products' profile. You will receive the survey's conclusion in the form of a short bulletin (ca. 2-3 pages).

Business Partner Search

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Your Aim

Are you looking for business partners in Taiwan, for example customers, distributors, suppliers or other service provider, in order to enter or expand in the Taiwanese market or to supplement an existing offer.

Our Offer

We support you to identify potential business partners or customers through a matching process individually designed according to your requirements. We establish contact with relevant companies, verify if the basic prerequisites are given and if there is an interest in cooperation.

Service Description:

We generate a questionnaire according to your specifications to create a profile for potential customers or business partners. We translate your company profile into Chinese and publish it for example on websites of relevant organizations of your business sector. Our service also includes necessary translations of documents for the ideal presentation of your company.

After a first screening of the interested companies, we contact them for further verification and send you the profiles of interested candidates.

You choose the companies you would like to further evaluate. We contact them, visit them at their premises upon request to meet your potential business partners and conduct further in depth interviews. We invite you to join us in Taiwan during this part of the process.

At the end of the research, we provide you with a final report which contains contact addresses, contact persons and precise details about your prospective future customers or suppliers.

Company Foundation


Your Aim

Have you decided to set up a subsidiary in Taiwan? It is our job to supply the information you need and guide you through every step from the preparation of required documents to the official inauguration of your office in Taiwan. We offer all services from one single source. DEinternational will offer you a time and cost efficient method for founding your business. We will be happy to provide an initial counseling free of charge.

Our offer

We consult you on company structure, general tax regulations, and procedure. 

We assist you with the application for residence and the work permit for foreigners. 

We provide you with a checklist of all required documents and assist you with preparations and accreditations. 

Finally, we submit your documents to the competent authorities and take on the communication in consultation with you.

Our Customers

"We would like to thank you again for your reliable guidance and we appreciate the high-quality service you have provided us. I will give my recommendation to any who needs help from DEinternational Taiwan Ltd." - Pamela Lu Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH

Credit Report


Your Aim

It is often essential to have access to a deep financial understanding of your business partners, especially if they are situated in other countries. To help you gather all necessary financial and related information, DEinternational provides credit reports of your actual or potential business partners.

Our Offer

A credit report consisting of:

  • Corporate name, registered address and other basic details
  • Business figures and ratios
  • Legal form, market activities and corporate history
  • Trade references (local and international, from suppliers and customers)
  • Management and stakeholders • Financial status and development
  • Analysis of current financial status and the company situation in general

Meeting Room

Your Aim

You are looking for meeting locations for appointments, conferences, training, seminars, or other company events? DEinternational provides the opportunity to use our fully equipped meeting rooms and adjunct lobby and coffee lounge in the Taipei World Trade Center. Our premises are located within walking distance of Taipei 101, World Trade Exhibition Center and Grand Hyatt Taipei. We are centrally located in Hsinyi District, the financial and commercial center of Taipei.

Our Offer

We offer two rooms for 10 and 20 people respectively which can be combined to one large meeting room in order to provide you with the possibility of holding seminars for up to 30 people within our premises. Our equipment includes whiteboards, projector, and Wi-Fi-Internet as well as catering, translation and interpreting services upon request. Please feel free to make an appointment to visit the location.

Event Management

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Our Offer

DEinternational offers the organization of events, business forums and seminars with a large range of topics. We assign experts of different fields who will talk about latest regulations, financial topics and industry trends either at our office, at your designated facilities or directly at your company. We invite your guests and target groups, and take care of the promotion via our media channels and our database to ensure the success of your event.

Our Customers

"I would like to thank the German Trade Office for making it possible to get into contact with many German and Taiwanese companies in Taipei. I realized again how worthy a trip to Taiwan always is and I am looking forward to a profound and continuing cooperation between Hamburg and your office in Taipei." Frank Horch Senator for Economic Affairs Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Advertising and Sponsorship

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You want to become active in the Taiwanese market? You plan to push your sales and strengthen your position? You intend to make people aware of your company’s products, services or solutions?

The German Trade Office Taipei is always looking for new marketing partners. We have been active in Taiwan for thirty years and know what the German Taiwanese business community is looking for. Over many years we have built an extensive network of business contacts, and together with our professional experience we can support you in creating a forceful marketing impact.

We offer a broad range of advertising & sponsorship opportunities:

Upon request we will gladly provide you with an individual package, customized to your needs.

Our Customers

“Advertising and sponsoring GTO events has been invaluable to Santa Fe’s success within the German Community in Taiwan. They have helped us to reach more people and organizations in a professional efficient manner. Thank you again for all your hard work.” - Jim Hill General Manager Santa Fe Relocation Service Taiwan Co. Ltd.

“My advertisement on InfoBrief Taiwan attracted lots of soccer fans to my Sports Bar on Hsinyi Road to watch Bundesliga or the World Cup. That certainly was a worthwhile investment through which I could directly approach my target group.” -  Michel Blanc Owner The Tavern Premier


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