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Online Advertisement for the Search of Taiwanese Business Partners 

Are you looking for business or cooperation partners in Taiwan? Find the ideal partner for your future business in Taiwan via the Matchmaking Platform of DEinternational Taiwan Ltd., the service unit of the German Trade Office Taipei (GTO for short)! We will publish your advertisement for business partners or your cooperation request on our website for six months and promote the Matchmaking Platform through various channels. Fill out the form on our website and we will translate your details into Chinese. Interested parties can then find out about your company and your business collaboration interests in a short profile and contact you directly.  

Support & FAQ

What is the purpose of the Matchmaking Platform?

With our Matchmaking Platform, DEinternational Taiwan Ltd. (DE for short) enables you to find cooperation partners for your company in Taiwan quickly and effectively. Whether you want to enter the Taiwanese market, are already active or are simply looking for suppliers for a specific product, with the Matchmaking Platform and the support of us you can reach the relevant Taiwanese companies. 

How does the Matchmaking Platform work? 

Every German company can advertise its own cooperation requests and Taiwanese companies can search for suitable partners in the existing database. As an advertising company, you have the option of publishing your company name and contact details online in a public advertisement so that interested Taiwanese companies can contact you directly.  

Who can place advertisements?

The offer is primarily aimed at all German companies looking for cooperation or distribution partners, suppliers, Taiwanese investors, or further German-Taiwanese business cooperation. The offer is independent of the sector or size of the German company.  

How do interested parties contact an advertiser?  

As soon as there is an interested party for your advertisement, they can contact you directly via the contact details you provided in the order form in the case of a public advertisement.  

Please note that we have no influence on which interested parties respond to your advertisement. We emphasize that there is a risk of being contacted by dubious, fraudulent or criminal persons or companies.  

If you are interested in further cooperation with the Taiwanese company, you can agree on the next steps and exchange details. If you are not interested, please also politely inform the Taiwanese company. If the matchmaking platform has led to the desired result and you no longer need the service, please delete or deactivate your advertisement.  

What tasks does DEinternational Taiwan Ltd. perform in operating the platform? 

DE operates its own website through which you can access the Matchmaking Platform. In addition to operating the cooperation exchange, DE checks, translates and publishes the advertisements entered via the online form. The Matchmaking Platform is actively promoted by the DE/ GTO at conferences, trade fairs and other Taiwanese-German business events, as well as in Taiwanese social networks and InfoBrief. Via our database, Taiwanese companies with an interest in the German market receive regular updates on new advertisements.  

Does the DE provide further support in the area of cooperation? 

As part of the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) with around 140 offices in 92 countries, the DEinternational Taiwan Ltd. and German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) offer German companies a comprehensive range of services, including cooperation and business initiation. This is done, for example, through consulting services, credit checks, company information, organization of visits, events, business trips and research. On our website you will find further information and the contact details of the relevant contact persons. 

How long are published advertisements visible on the internet? 

Advertisements can be published for up to six months, unless the advertiser asks for a shorter period. The expiry date is intended to prevent searches that have already been successfully placed from remaining published on the website. Two weeks before the expiry of the six months, the advertiser will receive an e-mail informing him that his advertisement will expire. If necessary, the advertisement can be extended upon the request of the advertiser. 

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