2nd German Christmas Market

Our 2nd German Christmas Market at Yuanshan Expo Park on Dec 10-12, 2021 successfully brought the German Christmas Market vibe to Taipei. 

German Christmas Market 2021 Review:

  • A total of 46 booths
  • 41 different vendors
  • Over 15,000 visitors on one single day
  • Overall vendor satisfaction rate of 91%
  • 94% of all vendors achieved their target
  • 3 days stage program with live performances, lotteries, and a visit from Santa Klaus
  • New stamp collection game for customers

Opening Ceremony 

The German Christmas Market started on Friday afternoon with the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting by Mr. Axel Limberg, Executive Director of the German Trade Office, Taipei, and Amb. Tom Chou, Commissioner for External Affairs of the Taipei City Government, Mr. Ye Jian-Hui, Zhongshan District, Yuanshan Village Chief, Mr. Andreas Binder, Managing Director of Capital Motors, Inc., Dr. Jörg Polster, Director General of the German Institute Taipei, and Mr. Franz Chen, Founder and CEO of Franz Collection Inc as guests of honor. 


Authentic specialties and German products  

Nearly 40 exhibitors focusing on German culinary specialties and other German products offered their goods to Taiwanese visitors, and members of the international community. Authentic German Christmas Market delicacies such as mulled wine, sausages, and Christmas cookies provided by almost twenty exhibitors delighted our visitors the whole weekend. Nine different vendors offering a wide range of traditional German beers made sure that everyone can experience the taste of Germany. Over 15,000 visitors on one day strolled around the sparkling Christmas Tree while enjoying the glorious Christmas atmosphere. German products such as decoration, souvenirs, lifestyle products, and home appliances were introduced by 19 exhibitors.    


Diverse Stage Activity Program and Christmas Market Lottery 

Our visitors enjoyed the exciting stage program that included not only activities for children such as different DIYs, storytelling, board games, and a date with Santa Claus, but also festive dance, drama, and music performances by among others the Taipei Int. Women Choir and Grace Baptist Church, GBC Singers, and Brass. 

The highlight was the Christmas Market Lottery Draw on Sunday evening. The lucky lottery participants won a round trip ticket to Frankfurt sponsored by China Airlines, a blue Poppy Flower Design Porcelain Bowl sponsored by Franz Collection, a Mercedes-Benz Golf Bag sponsored by Capital Motors, Inc., and a K5 Full Control Pressure Washer sponsored by Kärcher. 


We sincerely thank our automotive sponsor Mercedes-Benz Taiwan and Capital Motors. Inc., as well as our supporters Franz Collection, Beurer, China Airlines, Gutenberg Academy, and the Sino-German Cultural and Economic Association. The overall feedback from visitors and exhibitors was overwhelming, and we are looking forward to welcoming and celebrating with you at the next German Christmas Market! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Our Sponsors

  • Mercedes-Benz Taiwan - Capital Motors
  • Franz Collection
  • China Airlines
  • Gutenberg Academy
  • Beurer

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan - Capital Motors

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Ltd. serves as a subsidiary of German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz AG founded over 130 years ago. Mercedes-Benz Taiwan is responsible for the sales and customer services of passenger cars and used cars, and the brand management of sub-brands, including Mercedes-AMG、Mercedes-Maybach and the all new electric brand Mercedes-EQ . The Mercedes me brand offers access to the digital services from Mercedes-Benz. Since 2002, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has established a strong leading position in the luxury car market through its nine authorized dealers providing sales and customer services island-wide. 

Capital Motors, Inc. (CMI), as the largest authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan for over 50 years, specializes in sales and after-sales services for Mercedes-Benz. Customer trust is a top priority and CMI is proud to be recognized as one of the most desirable companies in Taiwan for the new generation to work for.

Franz Collection

China Airlines

China Airlines was established in 1959 and the CAL Group is currently operating a fleet of 107 aircraft. As one of the 19 members of the SkyTeam Alliance, China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan in terms of service frequency and size, with more than 12,000 employees worldwide. China Airlines offers passengers access to an extensive global network of more than 15,445 daily flights to 1,036 destinations in 170 countries. China Airlines is continuing to promote superior aviation safety as well as eco-friendly, innovative and attentive services that provide travelers with the perfect travel experience.


Gutenberg Academy


Our Exhibitors

  • ERDINGER Weissbräu
  • Hometech Hydrogel Tourism Factory
  • Kingsley & Riesling International Marketing Co., Ltd.
  • Lorenz
  • Das Deutsche Dorf
  • Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur

ERDINGER Weissbräu

  • ERDINGER Weissbier with fine yeast, the crowning glory of traditional Bavarian brewing skills. With its elegant flavour, this wheat beer is like no other. Every sip leaves you wanting more.

    ERDINGER Dunkel presents the balance between malt notes with the touch of sweetness and a pleasantly refreshing finish that reverberates long on the palate.


    Don’t miss out on the chance to taste high quality German beer!

Hometech Hydrogel Tourism Factory

Do you know what hydrogel is? Hydrogel is a general term for hydrophilic absorbent polymers. When hydrogel comes into contact with water, it will turn into a gelatinous substance with an increase in size. Materials with these characteristics are called hydrogels and can be found in grass jelly, edible bird’s nests, hot and cold packs, etc. For the Home Tech hydrogel aromatic dolls DIY activity, there are three different colors and fragrances available. On top of that, there are also limited Christmas edition designs offered. Everyone can enjoy making their own safe and non-toxic hydrogel dolls.

Kingsley & Riesling International Marketing Co., Ltd.



Founded in 1889, the Lorenz Group from Germany. Lorenz holds three principles: 1.Use 100% sunflower oil 2.Innovation to create unique flavor, taste diversity.3. Maintain the deliciousness of traditional crafts and pass the EU real safety certification.Monster Munch Series - Rich cheese、sour and sweet ketchup flavor! The entrance is crisp and crisp, but it melts in the mouth for a second.

Das Deutsche Dorf


Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur

Founded in Frankfurt in 1746, Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur is famous for its "Fascinating porcelain". This year, the brand brings its seasonal Christmas decorative white porcelain, which is fired at a high temperature of at least 1450 degrees.With 275 years of white porcelain culture, the brand's unique and original presentation creates the perfect taste.

  • Jacks Fine Goods
  • K.E.Kingstone 嘉儀家品
  • Warsteiner Gruppe Taiwan
  • Bionade
  • 科能工程企業有限公司

Jacks Fine Goods


  • 德國Früh Kölsch科隆啤酒
  • 盧森堡Battin精釀啤酒
  • 德國、奧地利進口優質紅/白葡萄酒
  • 德國Rosso Nobile 巧克力休閒紅酒

K.E.Kingstone 嘉儀家品



Fissler 170年多來專精於“德國製造”的高品質鍋具。1953年發明了第一個擁有多重閥門設定的壓力鍋後,憑藉精湛的設計多年來獲獎不斷,為現今全球高端精品鍋具的領導品牌。

Warsteiner Gruppe Taiwan

華士坦集團 Warsteiner Gruppe Taiwan 海鼎國際精釀啤酒  German Craft Beer 其主要代理品牌為 #華士坦集團的德國華士坦頂級皮爾森啤酒 #德國巴伐利亞皇家路德威啤酒 #巴伐利亞漢斯手工藝精釀啤酒 #巴伐利亞勘霸手工藝精釀啤酒 #德國法蘭克福野生蘋果莊園, 蘋果酒 ,蘋果汁100%。其中德國巴伐利亞皇家路德威啤酒之所以能稱為皇室啤酒,是因為他的老板為巴伐利亞路易波特王子,是最后一位巴伐利亞国王路德威三世的曾孫,他們家族维特爾斯巴赫是德國最富歷史的王公世家之一。如今巴伐利亞國王路德威酒廠已承續了800多年釀製傳统及工藝精髓。


響應環保!現場每個人自己帶環保杯子有優惠每杯10元 或者加量到500ml 兩者選一喔!

更有好康:德國華士坦頂級皮爾森/ 鄉村啤酒都有買5瓶送1(禮盒裝)!

德國皇家路德威啤酒系列也有買5瓶送1瓶(禮盒裝) 的優惠!

德國法蘭克福 POSSMANN野生蘋果莊園 蘋果酒,現場買2瓶送1瓶 滿6瓶送棉布環保袋!











在聖誕市集期間會有由 「科能工程企業有限公司」贊助的「與聖誕老公公有約」活動,現場會有「德國」聖誕老公公與大家做互動唷!歡迎家長攜帶孩子們與我們一起同樂!

  • Mini Palette Wine
  • Hofbräu München Taiwan
  • DHI Waren
  • Bitburger
  • Aiolos
  • Backhaus + JE Cusine

Mini Palette Wine

Mini Palette brings you an exclusive selected old world wine and beer collection. Starts with famous Mosel Riesling to Fürst von Metternich's most popular Sekt from Rheingau. Can’t miss the classic Bavarian beer Hasenbräu. plus much more from Austria and Span.

Come over and have a fabulous Euro-wine tour with Mini Palette.

Hofbräu München Taiwan

"Hofbräu originally set up as the brewery of Bavarian dukes and kings. It is the most famous beer hall for Munich-brewed beer today.


1. Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier

ALC/VOL: 6.3 %

- German Style Oktoberfest

- Full-bodied, palatable and with a slightly

sweet finish


2. Hofbräu Münchner Weisse

ALC/VOL: 5.1 %

- Aromatic with a mild-sweet finish

- Harmonious fruity bouquet, subtly yeasty, tangy"

DHI Waren



【Bauck Hof德國寶客】






自碧柏格釀酒廠1817年創建以來,碧柏格啤酒廠以信守傳統為本,至今遵循1516年頒佈之德國純釀法令, 打造純正無暇的優質產品,更配合現代為電腦科技精準控制啤酒品質。最高品質的保證使得碧柏格深受世界各地消費者的喜愛,不但獲選世足德國代表隊指定用酒,如今也發展成為德國啤酒界領領軍品牌。





採用天然麥類、啤酒花、礦泉水,以及天然酵母四種原料製作而成,並無其他化學添加物: 大麥採用特選稀有德國艾菲爾區及圖林根森林區的穀物;礦泉水精選森林山區地下深達30公尺無污染並富含礦物質的深山天然泉水 ;而啤酒酵母原料更是啤酒廠自行培育養殖而成。金黃清澈德的色澤、綿密細緻的泡沫、香氣濃郁的啤酒花,還有順口好喝的風味是最經典的皮爾森啤酒。

















Aiolos, the Greek wind brings you the best Greek extra virgin olive oil and delicious homemade sweets and delicacy of the Aegean Sea. For this coming X'mas event, we are going to make two traditional Greek X'mas cookie, the Melomakarona and Kourampides, which are fluffy and aromatic with a crunchy bite of nuts. Besides, we will have fresh pesto, confit eggplant, tomato and other seasonal vegetable with our high quality extra virgin olive oil and herbs from our garden. They are perfect for appetite and small dish to start the X'mas feast. We also welcome you to sample our award winning extra virgin olive oil recommended by FlOS Olei. A bottle of good olive oil is as important as good wine on the table. Let's xo xo xo, and join us for the fun of celebration with a Greek twist!


Special X'mas Offer! Get 10% off with a minimum spend of $1,000. *This offer only applies for Koronida extra virgin olive oil and Ena karo handmade soap (the X'mas soap is not included in promo).

Backhaus + JE Cusine

Backhaus is committed to German-style bakery and catering, and has successively introduced König Ludwig series bread from the Bavarian royal family in Germany.

The main items are

 -König Ludwig Dinkel Brot

 -König Ludwig Semmel

 -König Ludwig Krusti


In addition, we exclusively import the König Ludwig classic pastry series from the Bavarian royal family

 -König Ludwig Christstollen

 -König Ludwig Baumkuchen

 -König Ludwig Elisenlebkuchen


Backhaus, along with JE German Cuisine, presents the traditional German bread and cuisine to you

 -Berlin style curry sausage

 -Bock sausage

 -Traditional potato soup


We sincerely invite you to the Christmas Market.

Enjoy authentic German bread and dishes without going abroad!

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